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Focus on our library’s goals and budget

With AVC, we have a comprehensive, long-term technology plan focusing on OUR library’s goals and budget. They use their library technology expertise to help us be strategic in preparing for the future. AVC has helped protect us from attacks better than any other firm we have worked with. From day one, they were able to identify our vulnerabilities and create a plan to resolve them. We are now confident our staff and patron information is safe. They are very responsive, and you will like the staff you work with.

Cheryl Dobbs, Director

Greenwood Public Library

The Quality for the cost is EXTRAORDINARY

The quality of service we receive for the cost is extraordinary. AVC has specific knowledge and software for libraries and are always available to answer questions. I have never felt like I didn’t get an answer or was brushed off for anything, no matter how small the problem may seem. They always work within our budget. They don’t just quote us the best of the best on everything (although I would love if we could afford that!) but instead quote within our means. Finally, the personal service of going above and beyond will never go unnoticed here.

Kyle Qurazzo

Shelbyville-Shelby County Public Library

Professional top-of-class expertise in IT

The biggest benefit of using AVC is the professional top-of-class expertise in IT, especially in the library space. Whether it’s a small issue or something complex, AVC’s people are truly the best to work with. Their responses are attentive, knowledgeable, quick, and professional. Their service and support take all the stress and anxiety out of resolving issues that arise. My experiences with AVC have been excellent; I can’t find anyone I would recommend more highly. They make my work-life better and easier. You’d be hard-pressed to find a nicer and better group of people.

Alexandra Kahn

Union City Public Library

Never have to worry about Technology

AVC consistently provides service in a way that a library will not have to worry about their technology.  If we do have issues they are addressed in a timely fashion and we rarely have much, if any, downtime.  We always feel that AVC has great knowledge and understanding of our situation and history.  They are very thorough in analyzing our library needs and offering different options and services to match those needs and our budget.

Eric Hinderliter, Director

Jay County Public Library

Accurate and Efficient Software

There is no better firm to understand or assist with the current and future needs of libraries in Indiana than AVC.  They are professional, friendly, attentive, and always allow me to feel like a professional. When we needed to purchase new computers, they were able to offer suggestions and solutions that fit our needs and budget. Whenever I have a question or an issue, response time is excellent. I have worked with other companies in the past, and they greatly pale in comparison.

Brenda J. Campbell, Director

Hagerstown-Jefferson Township Library