Website Design

Web Design

Web Design

Are you ready to update, improve and secure your website?

Bring your website up-to-date with the help of AVC.

We make it easy to redesign with a step-by-step plan, a variety of templates to choose from, easy content submission, and a fresh look in 8 weeks or less.

We also:
• Make sure it is easily displayed clearly across ALL devices
• Modest cost to adapt to your budget needs
• No technical background required. You provide the content, we plug it in

AVC has worked with libraries for over 40 years, and we often get the question…“Can you help us with our website?”

Over the years we have patched together solutions for them but never really had a cost-effective, easy solution…until now!

We are helping libraries just like you update not only the look of the website but also provide quick access to statistics, easy content change options and ensure it is secure.

In 8 weeks or less, we help you select a template, provide a step-by-step plan for content changes, make all the changes for you, set up analytics, and set a go-live date.

After that, managing your website is a breeze. We can make all the updates for you, or we can provide login information for you or your staff. You also no longer need to worry about if that staff person leaves…. we have your back.

Of course, using AVC, you will have the comfort of knowing your website is secure and updates are being applied regularly.

If you are thinking it is time for a fresh new look or worried about your website being secure, let us help. Consider calling us today at 317-559-6284 for a consultation and a quote or fill out this form and we will contact you soon.