Why is the AVC Accounting and Payroll software one of the top picks in Indiana?

  • We have been a premier provider of Accounting and Payroll software to Indiana Public libraries for over 25 years.
  • Our software was written for you, the bookkeeper or director of an Indiana library. Our yearly updates are designed by our libraries and implemented to meet YOUR needs.
  • We service more than 85 libraries throughout the state of Indiana ranging in size from 3 employees to over 100 employees.
  • UNLIMITED support is provided FREE of charge for the first year and for a nominal fee additional years. We will answer ANY question you have from “How do I print this report?” to “I can’t balance this month…where is my mistake?”.
  • If you get audited we will meet remotely with the auditor for no additional fee.

Add our technology experts to your library when:

  • You want to focus on your library, not the technology.
  • Your current system seems to hinder business more than it helps.
  • You need better reliability and security for your computer network.
  • You know that computer downtime costs you money and is a concern for your patrons.
  • You need to be certain your data is always backed up, period.
  • You want your employees to do the jobs they were hired for, not waste their time on computer problems.
  • You believe that paying to prevent problems is more efficient than paying to fix problems


AVC accounting software provider was chosen by me after doing a complete investigation of the market. Since 2019 I’ve been working with them. I simply cannot say enough good things about their customer service. Without a backup, my computer crashed. They assisted me with reloading the software and much of the data; Lisa even called me while she was on vacation. We now pay AVC to handle our daily backups as well. They are the best software firm I have ever worked with.

Vicki Hart, Bookkeeper

Boonville Public Library

This software makes the Auditors happy!

We recently underwent an audit for 5 years and the examiner had lots of positive things to say about the reports I was able to give him from AVC and commented that it was better than other systems he had seen libraries using.

Shannon Phipps

Switzerland Public Library

Accurate and Efficient Software

AVC has done a great job keeping abreast with the changing laws and changing needs of the libraries.  We are blessed to have someone that wants to help us achieve success in providing an accurate and efficient software package.

Janet Wallace, Director

Shelby County Public Library

This software simply makes SENSE

When I started working at my library, the accounting software in place was not AVC’s.  Two years in, I switched to AVC and I am so glad I did!  (1)I appreciate the professional attitude of the AVC staff.  I have never once felt like a bother or felt incompetent.  Every question I’ve had, whether a software or accounting question, has been promptly answered. (2)AVC is very user-friendly.  The software simply makes sense.  I do not have an accounting background, which isn’t a problem because AVC makes sense for anyone. (3)AVC is just enough and no more.  It does exactly what I need and doesn’t confuse me with extraneous screens or options.

Beth Treaster, Director

Centerville-Center Township Public Library

With THIS software, bookkeeping is fast and with fewer errors

We like the easy-to-use program and the quick friendly support.  No question is too stupid to ask and they are patient with their clients that have little computer knowledge.  Today our bookkeeper had an error and she called AVC. They found the error and started working on the problem right away.  No waiting!  Everything was done in an hour. The biggest benefit we have received is a big decrease in bookkeeping hours.  We were doing it on paper and with the software, things are much faster with fewer errors.

Sue Waibel, Director

Remington-Carpenter Public Library

Help when I need it, that is Peace of Mind

I am new to fund accounting and walked into my position as a complete novice. AVC has helped me to navigate through the details of using the program. They are always quick to answer and call back if necessary. They never make me feel dumb and I know when I call that I will get help. That is Peace of Mind!

Kim Blaha

Syracuse Public Library

Old Way is the Hard Way

I am going on my 7th year as Director…. I did the bills the “old way” for our Board meeting last week and it took me several hours between all of the paperwork and going back and forth between Excel and the printer. I entered them into AVC today, and it literally took me just about half an hour.

Jennifer Stranger, Director

Roachdale-Franklin Twp. Public Library

Questions are answered

I especially appreciate all the support AVC provides throughout the year. Even if I ask a question more than once because I don’t remember, I am never made to feel badly about it. I am also extremely happy we have chosen to utilizing AVC for IT services. They do great work that helps our library function to its fulliest.

Paula Thomas, Assistant Treasurer

Fremonth Public Library

Great Experiences

While our library has been using AVC for a while now, I am new to the program and its support. I have only been working at the Orleans Public Library for a couple of months, but have had great experiences working with the AVC team, so far. They have been quick to respond and helpful with any questions or concerns that I have had.

Christi Morgan – Bookkeeper

Orleans Public Library

Resolves Issues Quickly

We use AVC Technology for our accounting, payroll and taxes. The staff is very helpful and friendly. If we have a problem or issue they work quickly to resolve it. Anytime our business manager needs help or I have a question we receive a prompt and courteous response. AVC understands the accounting requirements libraries have to meet for the Indiana State Board of Accounts. They stay current with the yearly changes the SBOA makes. If AVC doesn’t already have the reports we need, they will create them. I can’t say enough about the personalized service and support we have received.

Alisa Burch – Director

Harrison County Public Library

Great Company to Work With

AVC is a great company to work with! Everyone is very personable and they go above and beyond to help with any issues encountered with library accounting. I have been very happy with the services they offer!

Rachel Ashcraft-Director

Flora-Monroe Township Public Library

Keeping us Up-to-Date

The team at AVC is responsive, supportive, and knowledgeable. They keep our system up-to-date so we can offer our community quality service.

Judi Terpening-Director

Jefferson County Public Library


Thorntown Public Library has worked with AVC’s accounting and payroll software for several years. Both the software and customer support have been outstanding.

Christine Sterle – Director

Thorntown Public Library

Quick to Respond

Any time we have had issues, concerns or questions, our rep gets back to us quickly! AVC software has significantly reduced the amount of time I spend on data entry. It also streamlines the process for annual and monthly data entry with public records. I highly recommend the team at AVC!

Roachdale Public Library

Help me Understand

We love AVC Technology! The staff is so helpful! Set up was easy. I am constantly creating my own messes and Joleen and Lisa and everyone else are super quick to respond and assist me in correcting and helping me understand what not to do in the future, which I love!!!!!

Walkerton-Lincoln Twp. Public Library

Best Staff

AVC is an amazing company with the absolute best staff. Every time I call or email, I get a quick response. I recommend them highly! They are definitely a 10/10!!

Heidi Turner – Director

Kirklin Public Library

Really Care

They are reasonably priced and really care about Libraries. They are always willing to help and make any changes to the system to make our lives easier.

Roanoke Public Library

Always a Solution

AVC for the win! They always find the solution to our problems! The techs are great to work with! Knowledgeable, quick to respond, and friendly.

Lori Durbin – Bookkeeper

Greensburg Public Library

Quick Service

AVC always provides excellent and quick service whenever we need anything.

Kelsie Percell – Director

North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library