Walton-Tipton Public Library

*What are some things you can check out of your library, that may be odd? *
We have 3 Special Olympics Activity Backpacks for children/families. Another popular collection item is our Playaway Launchpads. They are like IPADS for children with educational games & Books. The children can even create their own avatar!

Fun facts?

In 1914 the Women’s Literary Club of Walton felt the need for a public library in the community. With great interest the members donated books which formed the nucleus of the present institution. At this time the public school building was used to house the small collection of books. The library was open to the public during the summer on Wednesday afternoons for the circulation of books. Miss Florence Bishop acted as librarian and was paid 50 cents for each afternoon’s work. In the wintertime the school teachers had charge of the books.

Early in 1914 Mrs. G. W. (Vora) Bishop, a prominent member of the Literary Club, through information gained from the State Library, was given the necessary information relative to the procedure to be followed in gaining a Carnegie Library for Walton and Tipton Township. Mrs. Bishop began to stimulate interest in the project. Procedure was started to meet the necessary requirements designated by the great donor Andrew Carnegie.

To Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. L. A. Dutchess and Mrs. Elma Wilson is due the credit for initiating and carrying forward the movement which gained for Walton and Tipton Township the fine library building and service. September 14, 1914 the first library board was organized.

Some fun things to check out while visiting

Special Olympics activity backpacks to check out
Playaway launchpads to check out
Indiana Humanities collection of books
Original Carnegie Library with an addition in 2004
Exercise classes, art groups, and speakers

What make AVC Services stand out from the others?
AVC Technology has been our IT security and solutions provider for many years! I appreciate their personal attention and communication. With AVC we have a comprehensive, long-term technology plan focusing on OUR library’s goals and budget. They use their library technology expertise to help us be strategic in preparing for the future. When we have issues they are addressed in a timely fashion and we rarely have much, if any, downtime. AVC technology not only provides a good product but also excellent support and training. They are proactive and help us keep staff and patron information safe.

What makes you happiest about working with us?

AVC always treats us like their most important client. They are easy to get in touch with and they are efficient in their service. . When we have issues they are addressed in a timely fashion and we rarely have much, if any, downtime.

What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

We are a small library, serving around 3,000 people. With that being said, we have a small budget. AVC helps us maximize what we can offer to our patrons. I appreciate their proactive approach to technology.

What would you tell someone who is considering AVC services?

Using AVC services is a good decision. They use their expertise for your benefit. I recently received a large grant and they helped us use it in a productive way. I cannot afford to hire a technical staff housed in our building. AVC provides great service for us!